Excavated remains

Take an audio tour of our outdoor Roman site - one of the most excavated forts in the Roman Empire.

Looking down on the Segdunum site



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The remains at Segedunum represent one of the most completely excavated forts anywhere in the Roman Empire.

The ground plan shows the Fort as it would have been laid out in AD 200. The walls and gateways, granary stores, soldiers' barrack blocks, Commanding Officer's house and headquarters, and more unusually a hospital, can all be seen.

Walk around the remains of the fort or look down on it from our viewing tower. Take the audio tour with Geotourist - download the app on your mobile phone.

Recent excavations have included the preservation and interpretation of the rediscovered Roman bath house foundations (only 5 minutes walk from the reconstructed bath house) and the conservation and display of a further 30 metres of Hadrian’s Wall.