Access information

Entrance charges

Disabled visitors over 16 years of age pay £3.95. One support worker, family member or friend will be admitted free of charge. All children under the age of 16 gain free admission.

Car parking

The museum has its own car park next to the museum entrance. Access to the car park is from Buddle Street. Parking is free. Three parking bays are marked out as accessible parking bays for blue badge holders.

Public Transport access routes and drop off points

The nearest Metro station is Wallsend on Station Road and the nearest bus station is on Wooley Street next to the Metro station. Both are five minutes walk from the museum.

The nearest drop-off point by taxi, dial-a-ride, car or coach is beside the accessible parking bays next to the museum entrance.

Building entrance

There is a long (about 50 metres), gradually sloping ramp descending to the front entrance. The gradient is 1 in 20. There is a handrail on the right on the final part of the approach. Two sets of automatic doors lead to the Reception desk and shop area. There is a rear entrance on Station Road that can be used on request. This rear entrance slopes down at a gradient greater than 1 in 20.

Getting around

There are lifts and stairs providing access to all floors. Both lifts have tactile buttons, but only the Tower lift has a voice announcer. All floors have level access. 

There is level access along pathways across the external site and level access throughout the reconstructed bath house. The reconstruction of a section of Hadrian’s Wall is only accessible by a flight of steps. Reception holds a book of images taken from the top of this reconstruction for those visitors unable to access it.


If visitors wish to sit and rest there are benches around the museum, in the Roman garden and beside the path leading towards the Colliery and Hadrian’s Wall sites from the west side of the fort. There are also picnic benches on site.


There is no public telephone available, however please approach staff at Reception to order taxis/ in an emergency and they will assist you.  

Gallery plans

The museum's accessible gallery plans are currently under revision. Please speak to a member of staff about what is currently available. 

Assistance dogs

We welcome assistance dogs. Reception can provide a bowl of water. Please note that there are no specific 'spending' areas located around Segedunum for assistance dogs to use.

Induction loops

There is an induction loop in Gallery 2 on the third floor and induction loops in the Daniels and Corder function rooms on the fourth floor.

Displays, exhibitions and attractions

There are various exhibits to touch throughout the museum: in the Empire & Frontier Gallery on the ground floor there is a bust of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, replica Roman fabrics and a model of a Headquarters building.

Films and interactive displays

Films shown in the theatres include subtitles. Some of the ICT interactives have subtitles. A text version of the audio in the Commanding Officer's House area is available from Reception.

Special exhibitions, events and Learning family activities

Throughout the year, the museum holds a wide variety of changing exhibitions, events and activities. For further information please contact the Museum.

For more organised workshops and classes please get in touch with a member of the Learning team at the Museum by emailing or by calling (0191) 278 4217.

Guided tours for groups

The manager, museum services and learning staff can lead tours on request. The tours last between forty five minutes and an hour. You will need to book in advance.

Accessible toilets/baby changing areas

There are male and female toilets and accessible toilets at the rear of Reception on the ground floor, on the third floor in the activities corridor and by the cafe, and on the fourth floor in the function area. 

There is baby changing at the rear of Reception on the ground floor.

Shop and café

The shop is on the ground floor and sells a wide range of Hadrian’s Wall and local themed souvenirs, gifts and books.

The Cafe is closed; hot and cold drinks are available from staff in Reception area and may be consumed in the Cafe area. 

Pre-visit information

Our pre-visit information is currently under revision.  If you were seeking this information, please contact the Museum.  You can call the museum on (0191) 2784217 or by emailing

If there is anything that we can do to make your visit more enjoyable please contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

Wheelchair hire

Two wheelchairs are available for use. They can be found at the end of the information area at Reception. It is recommended that you book these in advance. There is no charge for this service. 

Fire alarms

The fire alarms give an audible bell warning and have visual flashing lights. The lifts can not be used in the event of a fire. If you will need assistance to exit the building in the event of a fire alarm please tell a member of staff.

Staff training

All staff attend a programme of core training which includes customer care, diversity and disability awareness. They are here to help visitors enjoy the time they spend in our venues

If there is anything that we can do to make your visit more enjoyable please contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

Access statement

Although we make every attempt to make the venue as accessible as possible, aspects of the building and the nature of the exhibitions we show sometimes make it difficult to make everything fully accessible.

Here are some examples:

i) The site of the fort of Segedunum and Hadrian’s Wall are Scheduled Monuments and there are restrictions on what structures, signage and pathways can be incorporated.

ii) The long entrance ramp leading to the Museum from the pedestrian gates was designed in response to a need to protect the Roman period archaeological levels that were discovered immediately to the east of the fort.

iii) Many of our exhibits need to be protected from damage caused either accidentally by visitors or indeed by the environments in which they are displayed. While many of our exhibits are displayed in cases we do try to put items on open display where the object is not at risk. However this is not always possible.
Where items are on open display it is important that the ambient relative humidity and temperature of the gallery is maintained and at a constant level. This means that doors leading into and out of a gallery will need to be closed. If you require assistance with the opening of doors please ask a member of staff at Reception.

There are other occasions when items on open display need to be protected and cannot be touched. In this instance you may find that there are some low slung barriers which will indicate how close you can get to something. Again if you require further assistance, please ask a member of staff but remember you will not be allowed to touch it.

Light levels in exhibitions of paintings and of costume and textiles need to be low. High lux levels will cause paintings and fabrics to fade over a period of time. If you need assistance, please ask a member of staff.