Ways to Play: Design a Roman Pattern

Collect your activity pack

Collect your activity pack from the reception desk in the museum. Visit the exhibition Take a Closer Look for ideas and inspiration.

Examine this detail from a ceramic roof tile

Human footprint on a Roman clay roof tile

Roof tiles were laid out in the sun to dry before they were fired in a kiln. The prints of dogs and other animals that walked over the drying tiles are often found, while those of humans are less common. Here a bare-footed adult has stepped on the tile. Toes, like fingers, have whorls and ridges on the skin, and some are visible here.

Make your mark

Make your Mark

Can you make your own marks or patterns on clay or playdough?

You could try leaving finger or toe prints. Ask family or friends to leave their prints too. Can you guess who the prints belong to?

Try pressing different natural materials into the clay. Can you make different patterns?

Ask family or friends to guess which object made the pattern.

Share your designs

We'd love to see your designs! 

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