Celts: Boudica's Britannia

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KS2: History, Archaeology, Drama, Local History

Group of children learning wattle and daub technique



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£110 per workshop

Each workshop lasts for about 1 hour 30 mins with a maximum of 32 children. 

Please contact the Learning team: segedunumlearningbookings@twmuseums.org.uk to book this workshop. 

Workshop Summary

Step back in time with Gratta from the Brigantes as the gallery is transformed into a Celtic home. Children will learn what life was like for the Britons and how the Roman invasion of Britain had an impact on their lives. In preparation for the warriors' coming-of-age ceremony they will explore the art, beliefs and ways of life of tribal Britons. They will learn about the different types of food they ate compared to the Romans, decorate their hands, make a knot bracelet and take the Warrior's Oath. To finish, the children will settle in around a crackling fire to the hear the story of Boudica. 

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