Segedunum's free Augmented Reality (AR) app

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Segedunum's free Augmented Reality (AR)

Visitors can now explore the ancient site of Segedunum Roman Fort using the latest technology by downloading the Segedunum Augmented Reality (AR) app to a smart phone to explore the museum via a digital treasure hunt.  

The treasure hunt app provides a virtual trail of ‘digital artefacts’ that have been positioned around the Roman fort.

Get your free Segedunum app in the App Store or Google Play to download before your visit. 

All about the app

The app makes use of a visitor’s mobile phone camera to enable them to find the digital artefacts hidden around the site. It brings the history of the fort to life and enhances the visitor experience by adding an extra dimension to their visit.

When a digital artefact has been located and caught, more information about the object is revealed. This adds an educational layer to the game. When the virtual hunt is complete, visitors are encouraged to find the associated real-life objects within the museum; thereby connecting the outdoor and indoor spaces.

The app which is available for iOS and Android has been created for Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums by mkodo. Established in 2001, mkodo is an award-winning, mobile engagement and apps business with a global client base.

mkodo’s white-label GeoChasAR® product has been utilised to create the Segedunum Roman Fort app. The GeoChasAR ® product makes the offering of interesting, engaging AR experiences to visitors a commercially viable proposition for organisations in the visitor attraction market.

Alex Croom, keeper of archaeology at Segedunum Roman Fort says

“We are always looking for new ways to engage with visitors and the Segedunum AR App will really help bring the exhibition to life. One thing that attracted us to using an AR App was being able to offer an innovative and interactive visitor experience without the installation of any physical objects which would have been an issue for our historical site. The app is great fun for all ages and we are excited for our visitors to try it!

Tamara Dobson, Business Manager - New Products at mkodo says

Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums has made excellent use of our white-label GeoChasAR ®   product as a base for the Segedunum Roman Fort app. It is a great example of how Augmented Reality can be used successfully to enhance visitor experience, in particular, for families. “