Roman Life in the Fort

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KS2: Archaeology, Drama, History & Local History

Man dressed as a Roman soldier



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£110 per workshop

Each workshop lasts for about 1 hour 30 mins with a maximum of 32 children. 

Please contact the Learning Team: to book this workshop. 

This workshop can be adapted for SEND groups.

Workshop Summary

What was it like to be a Roman soldier?

Children pretend to be new recruits in the Roman Army and arrive at Segedunum Fort for their training. They learn to march and drill for battle and attend a 'kit training' session in which an adult officer gets dressed in armour and equipped with weapons. In 3 groups the recruits will learn how to fight, check they know all about the kit through handling it, and find out about the different jobs they are expected to do- ready for the arrival of Legate Marcus Caelius, Commander-in-Chief.

Q&A time with handling of original artefacts found at Segedunum Fort completes the workshop.

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