Were the Romans all from Rome?

In this activity, your class will create a class plan of Hadrian’s Wall so that they can build an understanding of the forts along Hadrian’s Wall and where the soldiers based at these forts came from. 

Download: Were the Romans all from Rome? PDF resource (1.7 MB)

The Auxiliary Units along Hadrian’s Wall

The Auxiliary Units along Hadrian’s Wall 

Resource List: A - Map of Hadrian’s Wall B - Fort Cards C - Units and their places of origin cards

Resources needed: String, pegs or blu tack, modern map of Europe, North Africa and Middle East 

Activity: Make a class plan of Hadrian’s Wall.

Step 1 In a large space string a washing line from one side of the room to another, or pin against a wall.

Step 2 Give each pupil a copy of the Hadrian’s Wall Map or display on a screen.

Step 3 Cut out and share the Forts cards around the class. 

Step 4 Read out the names of the Forts together with your class. As you read each name, ask the person with that card to bring it to the front and attach it to the washing line. Not all the forts sat on Hadrian’s Wall, so you may need some slightly to the side of your washing line.

Step 5 Share out the different unit cards among the class.

Step 6 Anyone who has a Unit card matching the Fort name, calls out the country or place the Unit came from.

Step 7 Stick the units next to the Fort names on the washing line.

​Follow-up and discussion

Follow-up and discussion

Can you find these countries on a modern map? What have you learnt about the Units based along Hadrian’s Wall? Were all Romans from Rome?