Save Segedunum! Persuasive writing activity

Hadrian's wall

In this activity, your class will explore what a World Heritage Site is and find some examples of local and international World Heritage Sites. They will then write a persuasive letter. 

Download: Save Segedunum! Persuasive Writing Activity PDF resource (552 KB)

Segedunum Roman Fort is part of the Frontiers of the Roman Empire UNESCO World Heritage Site.


What is a World Heritage Site? Do you think it is important to look after cultural and heritage sites? Why/why not?

Activity 1:

See if you can find any other UNESCO World Heritage Sites near where you live.

Try finding some from around the world. What can you find out about the site? 

You can find a list of World Heritage Sites here:

Activity 2:

Imagine developers have bought the land next to Segedunum. Imagine they’re going to build a big shopping centre on top of the fort site and museum.

How do you feel about this?

Are there good things about having a new shopping centre?

How about the loss of the museum and the fort site?

Write a letter to the Council or to the developers arguing for or against the new shopping centre.