Make a flyer to promote Segedunum

In this activity, your class will learn about what a flyer is and what information is usually put into a flyer. They can then look at and critique the current flyer for Segedunum Roman Fort before designing and making their own new flyer for Segedunum. 

Download: Create a new flyer for Segedunum Fort and Museum PDF resource (1.1 MB)

Flyers are an important way to encourage people to visit places like museums and heritage sites, so they need to look attractive. They also include really useful information, such as when the museum is open, what people can expect to see when they visit and how to find the site.

When you are designing a flyer, you need to think about who it is aimed at and how it will be used. Is it aimed at children or adults?

You don’t want to have too much information, as it will make the flyer too big to carry around and too expensive to produce.

The text needs to be big enough so that people can read it comfortably.

The images need to look interesting so that they encourage people to pick the flyer up. Pictures of people enjoying themselves always work well on flyers. Why do you think this is?

Take a look at the flyer for Segedunum.

What kind of information does it include?

What kind of images are there in the flyer? Do you think it is important to have images?

How big is the flyer? How big is the text on the flyer? Are these things important?

Does the flyer make you want to visit the museum?


Can you create a new flyer for Segedunum?