Roman numerals - find out about numerals and complete the challenge

Roman numerals are a numeral system that originated in Ancient Rome and are still used today. They can be found on clocks, watches, sun dials and, book chapters, and are used as numbering, bullet points and to identify kings, queens and popes. 
Roman Numerals use 7 different Latin letters to indicate numbers. Zeros are not used. 

The letters used are: 

I    =    1

V    =    5

X    =    10

L    =    50

C    =    100

D    =    500

M    =    1000

Bigger numbers are made by combining the letters in different ways. 

Below are some arithmetic problems for your class to complete using the Roman Numeral format and there‚Äôs even a challenge for them to create their own! 

Download: Roman numerals PDF resource (1.8 MB)