Create a Roman themed cartoon

Can you create a Roman themed cartoon?

In this activity, your class can have a go at creating their own Roman inspired cartoon. These could then be used to create a class comic or even a class exhibition to showcase their work. 

Download: Can you create a Roman themed cartoon? PDF resource (1 MB)

Following a visit to Segedunum, children from Richardson Dees Primary School worked with illustrator Nigel Auchterlounie to make their own cartoon. Can you create one too? 

How to make your own cartoon

Tip 1 Do some research!

What did the Romans look like? How about the Britons?

Can you find out any funny facts about the Romans that would make a good joke or visual gag?

Tip 2 Think of a joke

Can you think of a good joke for your cartoon?

You may find it useful to have a look at some comics for inspiration.

Test your joke out on a friend. Do they find it funny or does it need a lot of explaining? 

Tip 3 Start sketching

Draw rough versions first. Don’t worry about mistakes, you can cut parts out or stick paper over the top if something goes wrong!

You can create your own setting or use these Hadrian’s Wall templates to help get you started. 

Tip 4 Display your work

Once you’re happy with your work, bring your cartoons together to make a class comic, or even put on a class exhibition!