Move Ahead in History- Assembly

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KS1 & KS2: Archaeology, Drama, History, Local History


Until Friday 22 July

Until 1 September 2020

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Cost: £50 within Tyne and Wear area.

The Move Ahead in History Assembly will last for approximately 30 minutes.

Workshop Summary

“We’re playing history…… He’s Pharaoh and I’m a Roman!”

-Boy aged 6 after a MAIH assembly.

Watch history come alive before your very eyes in this unique and interactive whole school assembly to introduce chronology for Key Stages 1 and 2.

Led by museum staff, your school will match heads to bodies using hats, wigs and wreaths on a painted timeline. Meet a variety of colourful characters from history including a Stone Age Man, The Venerable Bede, William the Conqueror and many more!

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